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Welcome to Bridget's Fundraising Page

Bridget McBride

Bridget McBride

The CHOC Follies, now in its twenty-second year, has netted over $10 million for CHOC Children’s Hospital and is considered one of Orange County’s most unique fundraisers. As a cast member, I am donating my time to raise much needed funds in support for CHOC Children’s and the children of our community. With a cast and crew of more than 100 enthusiastic members, this original musical production is guaranteed to keep you laughing! IT IS EXTREMELY ENTERTAINING!

Please support me and the children of CHOC by becoming a sponsor, purchasing an ad, or buying tickets to the performance.



raised of $2,500 goal

Recent Donations

1. FoFestival Of Children Foundation
2. aCAngela Cantrell
3. AMAmy Murray
Any charities for children, especially THIS specific one is near to my heart. The stigma of any mental issues ( in kids & all ages) is not always understood, therefore not talked about . This is why I’m donating ❗️Proud of u B♥️ #STOPTHESTIGMA
4. SStephen Darden
5. CACarolyn Ausman
6. CCChristine Collett
Break a Leg!! Not really, just kidding! Thank you for supporting CHOC!