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Jeanne Walker

Jeanne Walker

CHOC FOLLIES!!! Save March 13th at 4:00 p.m. to watch the amazing VIRTUAL CHOC Follies - and if you donated last year you are in luck!!! The CHOC Follies, now nearing its twenty-fifth year, has netted over $10 million for CHOC Children's Hospital and is considered one of Orange County's most unique fundraisers. Due to the Pandemic our fabulous fundraiser had to be postponed - it would have been my 17th year! But the good news is that I am still donating my time to the new virtual Follies in 2021 - a celebration of "Looking Back and Moving Forward"! This upcoming virtual Follies will be on March 13th, 2021 and I hope that you will support me by making a donation at any level in order to view the show.
Why do I do this? Because young children who are struggling with unattended mental health issues at early ages may end up not only with psychological damage but also physical health illnesses as adults, especially in these uncertain times. CHOC has stepped up to help not only children struggling with mental health concerns with an amazing and supportive unit, CHOC has also addressed COVID-19 concerns. These early adverse experiences in children are now being realized as a major cause of many medical diseases. CHOC recognizes the importance of early intervention - what better way to provide community support in these uncertain times. Please support me to help raise funds for the CHOC Children's Mental Health Initiative and help create a better future for us all!

So please support me in providing urgently needed mental health services to patients and families during the perhaps the most difficult season of their lives. No matter what amount you can donate would help - a $25 donation can provide patients with therapeutic crafts - $50 can provide patients with treatment journals - $75 will help educate families how to provide support to their child. Please consider a generous donation to help us continue to build the programs for the children with mental health concerns! Again, any donation - no matter how small - will allow you to watch the virtual CHOC Follies on March 13th! Those of you who were so generous to donate last year are already promised a "virtual ticket"! Thank you so much for your help for these children and their families, especially in these very upsetting times.



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Wonderful cause! Thank you, Jeannie!
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Enjoy today Jeanne! You are amazing! I missed yesterday's deadline to get invitation, so sorry to miss it. Wow, to do something you love to help and spread love every year!! Can't beat that! Go get em! Thank you all for what you do!