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Welcome to Hayley's Fundraising Page

Hayley Shea

Hayley Shea

Hi Friends and Family!!

I have some fun news! This winter I’ve decided to step outside the normal routine….to have the chance to “ham it up” as the part of the cast of the Annual Choc Follies Musical.

The Choc Follies is an original performance created each year based on another famous storyline. This year they have recreated “The Great Gatsby” and made it into “The Great Chocsby” as a fun way to reflect entering the 21st century’s “Roaring Twenties.”

Each cast member has a goal of raising $2,500 for the Mental Health Initiative at Choc Hospital. Which is where you all come in…every ticket you donate brings me one BIG step closer to reaching my goal!!

As one of the few nurses that is part of the musical, I am so excited to represent the Pediatric ICU team at Choc! And I promise that if you come, you will have a good laugh when you see me waltz across the (back of the) stage in all my glory!

Thanks so much for visiting my page! And I can’t wait to either share the performance with you or tell you all about it!!

Performance Times:
March 27th @7:30pm
March 28 @ 1pm & 7:30pm

Love Always,
Hayley Nicole Shea

*Don’t forget to mention me when you check out while buying tickets. 
**Donations of all amounts can also be made on my personal fundraising page.



raised of $2,500 goal

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