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CHOC Follies 2024

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For nearly 25 years, more than 1,500 cast members have entertained people in over 75 performances of the Follies, netting more than $10 million for CHOC.

The CHOC Follies is a beloved annual event for the whole family, performed exclusively by Orange County's talented civic and society leaders who sing, dance and act to raise money for CHOC. Our live production of the CHOC Follies will be hosted at the Robert B. Moore Theatre on March 31 - April 1, 2023. Join us! 


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Your Dollars At Work

During our annual CHOC Follies, community members gather to sing and dance in support of CHOC’s mission to advance children’s health. Our valued supporters raise unrestricted funding to give patients and families hope as they heal. This philanthropy provides the flexibility to direct funds where they will best treat and comfort our young patients. In addition to raising unrestricted funding, The Follies is proud to spread awareness for our mental health initiative, comprised of especially life-changing programs, care and treatment. All of this is only possible thanks to community support.

Did you know that:

• CHOC’s Cherese Mari Laulhere Mental Health Inpatient Center has remained at record capacity levels
during the pandemic,
serving over 1,200 children in need of specialized care every year

• Care teams use special strategies like trauma-informed care, music therapy and art therapy to help patients heal.

• CHOC has provided mental health training to more than 11,000 pediatricians, therapists, educators, and other community caregivers.

• Half of adults who struggle with a lifetime mental illness had symptoms before age 14, but most received no help.

• One-in-five children in Orange County suffers from a mental health disorder; that’s enough to fill a stadium three times over.

• Nationally, only about one in three kids with mental health problems today receive any treatment.

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