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Ron Hartman

Ron Hartman

We are beginning to prepare for this year’s CHOC Follies show and I am asking you to help this fantastic organization with a sponsorship and program ad. And of course buy tickets and come see the show. This 22nd Edition of the CHOC Follies is one of the largest fundraisers for CHOC and over the life of the Follies we have raised over nine-million dollars for the Children’s Foundation. The cast and crew of over one hundred community leaders spend hundreds of hours over three months in the production of the show. In addition, each cast member commits to a minimum of $2,500 of financial support. And yet each year, over two thirds of the cast are returning members. For me, there isn’t a more fun way to raise money for a great cause.

I think it is important for you to know why I, an engineer and local businessman, are so passionate about supporting CHOC and giving over three months of my time to this event each year. This will be my twelfth year working with the Follies and I keep coming back and giving of my time because I continue to be touched by the good that CHOC does. As I talk to people about support, about one in three has a personal story to tell about an experience with CHOC. They tell me how their child or a relative got such great medical and emotional care from the staff. This shows me how intertwined CHOC is with our community. By supporting CHOC we are supporting our families, our employees and our clients.

Thank you for your support. I know that there are many worthwhile organizations that you support. I hope you will be one of this year’s sponsors. And I hope that you will also be able to come to the show and hear firsthand the personal stories of the good that CHOC is doing. And the show is great fun to see.

Ron Hartman



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